2234 Senseney Ln, Falls Church, VA 22043

One year ago we began our search for a place to retire. My husband spent much time researching builders & areas which would be good for us. We decided Charlottesville would be a good choice for us, and the process began. We had much planning to do to sell our home in Falls Church. The process seemed overwhelming to me as we had been in our home for 34+ years. I still had 3 months before my retirement but the process needed to begin soon. I contacted The Powell Team to help us start. They came for our first meeting last March.

We spent our first meeting discussing our decision to move to Charlottesville. This meeting was meant to get acquainted and share ideas on what the process would be like as we undertook this huge project of buying a new home and selling our current home. As sad as I was to sell our home with all the memories, I knew we were doing the right thing. The Powell Team was always very positive about the sale of our home and promised to be there for us every step of the way. We could not have done this without them organizational skills, knowledge of staging and their positive outlook on what we were doing. We could trust them with this entire process and that meant the world to me.

Once we found our builder in Charlottesville, we could make plans on selling and moving with potential dates. The Powell Team and my husband worked on a time line. They gave us “homework assignments” associated with the time line so we could stay focused and on schedule. We had an initial walk through of our home so they could see what we had and what had to be taken out for the staging/selling. They were so easy to work with…always seeing the positive for the sale of our home. They were also very sensitive as they knew how difficult this move was going to be for me. They would check in with us by email/phone calls to offer their assistance to make this as easy for us as possible. We were given recommendations for a painter and a moving company. We got estimates for both but their recommendations proved to be the best. We ended up using her recommendations and were extremely pleased.

My husband worked closely with The Powell Team on how he thought things should go and they listened to him/us but also gave us their expert opinions on what would be best for us. They were always there listening to us but we were listening to them advice as well…after all, they were there to sell our house for us. They have a natural gift for what they do. They are organized, professional, sensitive to your needs/desires and have a positive attitude. I cannot stress enough how comfortable they made me feel during this emotional process.

The Powell Team’s time line was perfect. We accomplished all our “assignments” and the “Coming Soon” sign was posted in our yard. That proved to be an important part of the process as our buyers drove through our neighborhood before our house went on the market, saw this sign and were excited to return when it was listed. Our house sold in three days, and I know it is because The Powell Team is organized and understands perfectly the marketing process. They had their professional photographer take pictures during the late summer of our yard so they could be used to show how beautiful the yard was while trees, shrubs and flowers were in bloom. (Our house went on the market January 6). They understand how to do Their job to perfection; they think of everything you need to know and work with you in accomplishing your goal…in our case, it was selling our home!

— Linda and Jim Ervin